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Brake Services & Vehicle Diagnostics in Hyannis, Massachusetts

Get back on the road fast with vehicle diagnostics and brake services from Scott's Auto Repairs in Hyannis, Massachusetts.

Brake Services

Are your brakes squealing or not stopping properly? Bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop immediately for a complete multi-point brake inspection. During this inspection, we check for leaks and tire wear, as well as the condition of the exhaust system, belts, fluids, and hoses. Once we figure out the problem, we get your brakes working again by repairing the brake shoes, drums, or rotors.

Brake Repairing, Brake Services in Hyannis, MA

Vehicle Diagnostics

When your check engine light is lit, let our ASE™ certified technicians figure out the problem. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic systems to check your engine and EVAP, EGR, and emission codes. After running diagnostics, we repair any problems to get your vehicle running properly again.

Contact us in Hyannis, Massachusetts, to schedule an appointment for vehicle diagnostics or a brake check.